Investor Day – November 2022
November 2022

The selection of videos below is from our Investor Day in November.

David Clark is joined by David Gann, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Oxford University. David Gann uses his knowledge in the tech scene to discuss the shift companies are undergoing. Additionally, Tim Cruttenden joins Tim Jenkinson, Professor of Finance at Oxford University to discuss the current venture capital market and how this relates to his world leading research into the private markets.

Vimeo Thumbnail Blockchain is still a nascent technology and expanding
Vimeo Thumbnail Every company will be a Tech company!
Vimeo Thumbnail Private Equity As Part of Your Equity Allocation?
Vimeo Thumbnail Three Certainties, Death, Taxes, Can’t Time The Market
Vimeo Thumbnail What You Should Know Before Investing In VC
Vimeo Thumbnail Persistence In VC – Past performance is a guide for future performance!
Vimeo Thumbnail Individuals Innovate, VCs Support, Investors Select


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