Consistency is Key – Why the best returns often follow a major correction
November 2022

The selection of videos below is from our Webcast in September 2022 – The past, present and future of Venture Capital.

The Webcast examines the bear market presently, exploring the different stages of exits, investments, and fundraising in the investment cycle. Additionally, Tim Cruttenden and David Clark use their close to 30-years of experience in venture to compare this bear market with ones from the past. We then look to the future, examine the cyclical nature of venture, and explore why our Core Managers are best positioned to navigate a downturn and benefit from the opportunities in the recovery.

1. 1st half of 2022 – What a difference six months (and 22 years) make
2. The tourists are leaving – The rise and fall of non-traditional Investors in the VC market
3. Fundraising – A flight to quality
4. Mind the gap – The differences in exit, investment and fundraising cycles
5. Our secret to successful venture investing – The Core Managers
6. Lessons learned from 2008 – No pain no gain


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