VenCap Webinar Venture Capital – Navigating the Market Downturn

The selection of videos below is from our webinar in mid-June 2022 about Venture Capital – Navigating the Market Downturn.

The webinar examined the impact the current market correction is having on the venture capital industry. We look back at how venture capital performed in prior bear markets and provide some thoughts on what investors might expect over the coming quarters as the VC industry adjusts to the new reality.


Vimeo ThumbnailTalking to our VC managers – what does the market look like today?
Vimeo ThumbnailWhat is the impact of the market downturn on our VC portfolios?
Vimeo ThumbnailWhat lessons can we learn from the 2008 financial crisis?
Vimeo ThumbnailWhat type of VC funds will be most challenged in the current market environment?
Vimeo ThumbnailAre we on our way to a “normal” VC market or should we expect something much worse?
Vimeo ThumbnailWhat are the key qualities and characteristics of the leading VC managers and what is our view on fund sizes?
Vimeo ThumbnailWhat are our expectations for crypto and blockchain technologies?
Vimeo ThumbnailHow will VC behave in a deep recession?
Vimeo ThumbnailWill high levels of dry powder save us? What should we expect for capital calls and distributions?
Vimeo ThumbnailBringing everything together – where are we today?


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